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Downrigger Line to Leader

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Two Question:r


1. Line to leader on your downrigger setups, swivel or knot?

2. If you run a flasher/fly off a rigger do you just attach it to the leader or have a completely different set up?



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There is No leader on my downriggers. Its 30lb Mono to a swivel.

When I go Flasher/fly, I go flasher to the swivel (that swivel is the terminating end of the Downrigger line, and a fly behind the flasher (50lb mono).

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Small Spro #8 swivel from main Bloodrun Sea Flee 30 lb mono to 20 lb fluoro leader 20 ft long.Either dedicated rods without a leader (i.e. just the 30 lb mono with a solid ring ball bearing swivel) OR I just take the leader off and put a ball bearing swivel on the end of the mono for attractor use.

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8 hours ago, Rookie Fisherman said:

On Flasher rods no leader, main line right to Flasher swivel.

On spoon rods I leader down with a swivel typically to 20pd Fluorocarbon.  

100%. You should have different setups. If you don't want this, but need the versatility of being able to do both on one rod ... well, he has three choices:

- connect the lure directly to the 30 lb mono line ... not the best, it's a visible and stiff line.

- connect the flasher to the end of a leader ... I'd be tempted using 25# fluoro then, instead of 20#.

- swivel connect a 20# leader to the end of the the 30# mono and be prepared to hand bomb the fish in last 15 to 20 ft.



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I'd say running a leader is a good skill to learn. When the fleas are really bad being able to run 30# down to the releases and then lighter line to the spoon gets rid of the problem without killing the spoon's action. It can make difference between a great day fishing and an exasperating ordeal when the fleas kick in. I'll use a blood knot unless it's dark or really rough at which time I'll switch to back-to-back uni-knots if I need to re-tie. (Back-to-back uni's seem to work as well as the blood knots and are easier to tie sans-bifocals- especially if the lines being joined are different diameters.)


My knot selection may also depend on the main line:  I find that Ande is a joy to tie but Big Game can get a little snitty, especially when it's cold out. 


I've never personally thought these fish to be particularly line-shy but I know some great fisherman who swear by fluorocarbon leaders so I've  adapted to using them. Never too old to learn.





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