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Sold / Closed Looking to trade some items for Angler's Pal rod holders

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I have a few items I am looking to trade for some Angler's Pal rod holders.  


1 TraxsTech fixed mount riser, 6"- TRADED

1 pair Big Jon downrigger rod holders with butterfly plate.  These are the older "floating position" rod holders


1 pair RAM 10" tube rod holders, both with new T-handles- they tighten down good on the balls now...


Looking for 10" SS Angler's Pal rod holders like in picture





Ram tubes.jpg


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all traded
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6 minutes ago, Sean Youngblood said:

I could probably come up with 2 or so.I could use those Big Jon holders manly the butterfly plates.

Ok sounds good.  I just have the 1 plate with 2 rod holders, I tried to take 2 pics to show the rod holders up and down.  

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