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Something that may not have been thought of -corona virus


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25 minutes ago, Sk8man said:


I fully believe it is transmitted via surfaced bit over the last 2 days I have seen a huge media push about handling cash aalnd taking large amounts out of the bank.


Be warned. I believe they are worried about the amount of people flooding to cash

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Cash is dirty. So is plastic. Only handle your credit card yourself. I was at McDonalds yesterday (oops, busted - would anyone believe I ordered a salad?), and the young lady at the drive through wanted to take my card. I asked if I could insert it into the machine myself. I've now seen that they have shut down UK McDonald's drive-throughs. It is only a matter of time here, too. I was surprised it was still operational yesterday.


In short, don't offer or accept anything from vendors that are routinely touching everybody's stuff. It's a great way to share. Part of the whole shutdown thing is to avoid situations that most people don't think about. Door handles, gas pumps, etc...


Stay safe. Be well. Get out and fish.

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My wife was in banking for 25 yrs and had a box of sanitizer pens in the garage. They used to give them to customers. Being a cash guy with only a debit card, I spray down my cash in front of the cashier, as well as any bill change as a courtesy to them. It's that damb auto coin cup that freaks me out. " keep the change ".
I just hope there's no expiration on sanitizer.

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China was taking cash out of circulation 2 months ago. Old news. They will role out a new digital only currency soon enough. 

A digital crypto currency will rise from the ashes . We are witnessing a deflationary credit crunch of the likes we’ve never seen. Hyperinflation will follow. The dollar’s only strength as a world currency was its mandatory usage per OPEC in oil trade-that and military intervention if you dared trade oil outside of the dollar. 

wouldn’t you like to know what crypto will be backed?


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