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Selling perch door to door

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4 hours ago, lost a lure said:

I'll take 1. How much? Why are you selling? Recent Covid-19 test? How many hours? 

$5/lb No bones or your money back. Need Vitamin C money. When I got off the plane from China customs said I didn’t need a test. Hours? I can catch a pal an hour. 

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When the Lake Erie commercial fishermen lost their jobs through Albany's legislation the local fish processors lost their jobs. Ontario picked up the market for perch, whitefish and walleye fillets. The imports now from Lake Erie fish total over a billion dollars  annually. In Ohio and Michigan perch fillets are selling for $23.00 a pound, more than lobster. Maybe the legislature will allow licenses to harvest the perch  for public sale to assist you in your financial loss. I lost my license thirty five years ago and am to old now to go back on the boat and work.



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