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2020-2021 Waterfowl season

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Like everything else, the Coronavirus cancelled the task force meeting that was supposed to be held two weeks ago. We were sent an on-line form for our recommendations on season dates for the Western zone youth hunt, dates for the new veteran/active military hunt, the brant season and both the West central and South goose season. The Mallard bag limit did not change, neither did the goose limit and number of days for the West central zone (30 days, 2 birds). The South zone stayed the same with a 80 day, 5 bird limit, being able to split 3 times, no later than Jan 31. The feds  decided to cut the Scaup limit to 1 bird for 40 days of the season and 2 birds for 20 days, leaving it up to the task force to decide which 20 day period we could harvest the 2 birds. The duck season dates are October 17 thru November 8, and the second split is November 28 thru January 3. We will meet via conference call or Skype to review our suggestions and finalize the dates so they can be included with the new hunting regulation book. I will keep you posted.

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We had our meeting today in a conference call. Here are the 2020-2021 season dates

Duck- Oct 17 thru Nov 8

           Nov 28 thru Jan 3

West Central goose- Oct 24 thru Nov 8

                                  Dec 21 thru Jan 3

South goose- Oct 24 thru Jan 9

Youth- Oct 3 & 4

Military/Veteran- Wed, Nov 11 AND Sat,Nov 14

Brant- Oct 3 thru Nov 21

The 2 Bluebill season is Dec 15 thru Jan 3, 20 days, the rest of the season is only 1 bird

Happy Easter


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