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Tipped with bait or live bait

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Do many of you fish with tipped bait (adding a small live bait to a streamer) or live/swen bait? Seems like it would be possible to sit above a school of elwive,smelt or goby and jig with a Sabiki bait rig to catch live bait.Then do a slow troll. Live bait works very well fishing most all other species from brook trout, small and large mouth bass, walleye and blue finn tuna.

The most successful blue finn fishermen are better bait fishermen and the Sabiki is the go to.

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Just cut off the extra hooks on the sabiki. You can only have 5. You cannot use gobies for bait. Smelt and alewives you can use some places. Only time I troll live bait like your saying is in a creek I fish. I run small suckers or perch on bottom bouncers and drag them around for pike and catfish. Small live suckers or perch on bottom bouncers with spin and glows have caught me some huge pike and walleye. I started doing it for catfish and realized the pike love hitting a rig directly under the boat. Most rigs are a big circle hook thru the nose and a trebble half way back. I usually am running too much extra stuff in the big lake and don't mess with it. But I'm sure it would work for Lakers.

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