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Thats awesome congratulations,

I got my first lick of Lake Ontario browns 3 years ago and this site really helped with the learning curve. Lots of helpful members and info here. The longer you stick around this site the easier it will get to get these cows in the boat!

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I broke out the planer board mast my neighbor gave me. I love it. I went out yesterday with it. Easy to use. I like it better than the in lines. Only caught a bass. Trolled the bar on the way in and got two Lakers. I'll try the red next time out. Again, thank you. The lure in that things mouth is a 6" x rap. What a donkey of a fish!


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Caught first ever brown trout. Three actually. Thank you to everyone on here for the sharing of information. What a pretty fish. Now to catch a salmon...

Congrats man!! Keep it up!

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