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for sale : usa Tackle Boxes, Landing Nets, Sea Anchor / Trolling Brakes

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Used Landing nets: Cummings30X35X36 deep, 6’-8’ handle $45.00: Pepper 22X28X38 deep, 4’-6’-8’ handle $100.00: Cummings 19X25X25 deep 4’ handle $25.00, No label 30X39X36 deep 4’ handle $45.00: Plano 757 tackle box w draws $35.00: Plano hanging lure tackle box  $45.00: New  never used Sea Anchors, Drogues, Trolling brakes, Trolling bags made by Weather Stopper Clayton NY Flat dimensions 36’ wide X 36” Long translates to a 72” circumference or 24” (72”/pi= 24”) diameter opening.  $125.00

DSCN3485 (4).JPG

DSCN3488 (2).JPG

DSCN3489 (3).JPG

DSCN3491 (3).JPG

DSCN4169 (2).JPG

DSCN4170 (2).JPG

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