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Started in 19 fow. Got one brown then after an hour headed out deep after talking to Gill T yesterday. Nice to finally see a person who you read their reports. Which made me realize after 2 years of living in Buffalo I needed to update my profile so people don't think I sneaking into the state to fish. The profile pic is the boat moored in the upper river that the wife and I decided to buy a few years back when we lived in Erie. No regrets I still kept the 16'er for fishing. Went out to 80 fow off the red barn. The picture was in 75 fow but no takers. Trolled east to port. But the real screen was off the red barn. Had some lookers but no takers. Half as many trailers in lot today than yesterday. Stay Safe. Stay Healthy.

Fish Finder.jpeg


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Two cohos and last picture is a steelhead. You need to learn the difference because steelhead have a size limit. If you examine the tail of both species, steelhead have spots from top to bottom. Coho have only spots on upper portion of tail and darker gums in mouth. 

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