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Kicker wiring


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I've got a Honda 9.9 and when I bought the boat it was wired to the deep cycle battery. Is this normal? I know when I have the battery selector set to "Both" it will slowly start to drain both batteries. I'm thinking this should be on the starter battery along with main motor?

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It is normal to wire a kicker to a battery if it has electric start or an alternator. I think most of the time kickers are wired to the house battery so it can recharge the main battery your accessories run on while trolling. Both batteries will drain with the switch on BOTH because you have essentially connected the two batteries into one large battery with the switch on this setting. Are you sure it is your kicker draining your batteries and not something else? Its possible that your alternator is bad on the kicker and it is not charging your batteries while running and your accessories are actually draining the batteries.

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