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Boat launches are closing

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Just got off the phone with someone influential who told me that all the boat launches will be closed soon . 


Said they got a call from the state to close down  and Gov said to shut them down . 


Orleans county was fighting to keep them open but were told to shut them down . 

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According to my source all of the launches will be closed including unmanned ones.  I was also told specifically that anyone doing charters before the "pause" order was lifted would have their boat seized immediately and supposedly they took one in Mexico already.   The reason I was given for the shut down of launches was charters didn't "pause" and recreational boaters didn't practice social distancing.  They knew that enforcement of the pause and social distancing was impossible so when rules weren't followed Cuomo ended the problem.  Can't say we weren't given a chance....I'd say it's a matter of time till state shore fishing accesses are closed if people can't follow the rules.

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