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3 hours ago, bullwinkle said:

I tried to play by the rules yesterday and fish from shore, first 10 minutes yielded 3 bites, none from fish. If corona doesn't get you the lyme probably will. Good luck and stay safe out there.


FYI to all....mild Winter means ticks survived and will be thriving this Spring.  We've been seeing them on dogs and cats since February.  Be careful out there....Lyme is no joke for people and dogs are susceptible to Lyme, Anaplasmosis, and Ehrlichia, all carried by ticks in upstate New York.  

Sorry I sound like a public service message but ticks are bad news 

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4 hours ago, DJ 17 said:

I got bit by a lone star tick 2 years ago and ended up with Ehrlichiosis and acute mono at the same time. Sucks bad.

As bad as you had it, If you had a full recovery consider yourself lucky.  Many people and/or their doctors in the upstate area have not taken tick bites as seriously as they should and the potential for more severe long lasting signs are real.  Each year as the ticks worsen in the Syracuse to Buffalo corridor I do think more are becoming aware of the risks. 

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