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Cool New Feature on your Navionics Boating App!


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WOW, if you have a current Navionics Boating app subscription, you want to update the app and check out the awesome NEW feature available for your mobile devices at no additional cost.You now have a multiple chart-overlay option that features Navionics Satellite Overlay with SonarChart Shading. See below images off my iPhone of different areas of Lake Ontario & the St. Lawrence Rive! Sonar Charts Shading was previously only available on Navionics Platinum+ & HotMaps Platinum cards! Another great reason to keep your subscription current! Check it out here - https://bit.ly/2KafK15

Mobile SonarChart Shading-Lake Ontario-001.PNG

Mobile SonarChart Shading-Lake Ontario-002.PNG

Mobile SonarChart Shading-Lake Ontario-003.PNG

Mobile SonarChart Shading-St. Lawrence River-001.PNG

Mobile SonarChart Shading-St. Lawrence River-002.PNG

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