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I’ve been against makin the trip up and I’m sure some people got something to say. IMO if your smart about ur travel and dont make any stops ,no interactions with people ,and your not sick your not spreading the virus. 
  Got the boat in and on the lake at 9:30am. Headed toward the plant. Started at catfish in 10fow. Nothin. 
moved out to 40fow, marked loads of fish but no takers. ( all muddy water out to 80fow)

by 1:00 hit the mud line in 80fow and went 1for3 with 14lb laker. Ran spoons and sticks all different colors.  all hits were blue uv jeans and NBK spoons. 
     Went in at 2:00 and took a nap in the cuddy and went back out at 5:00pm. Mudline disappeared so started at 80fow and worked in to 35fow. At 7:30 all hell broke loose. Screen loaded with fish, three riggers fire at 30-25-20 and a 7 color leadcore within 2-3min. All running spoons. Somehow the wife and I landed all 4. 1 laker 15is lb. 3 browns biggest 10lb. Everything was released to fight another day. 



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3/4 For my morning trip.  Two small football browns and nice atlantic. 

started in 30fow runnin 3 riggers two dipseys and a 5 color mix of sticks and spoons. 

hit the Atlantic on dipsey out 50ft 3rd setting on sodus pt buckeye. 

two browns came in 30fow on dipsey  and 5 color. 

gonna head back out around 4ish. 

sorry for crappie pic. Ive been releasing everything so try to get them back in asap. 


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39 minutes ago, BillM said:

Nice brownie!

Please correct me if I’m wrong but that is what i thought an Atlantic. Picture dont do it justice as it was floppin in my hands. Had some X dots on it, face seemed longer, and more silver then the browns. 
think I caught one or two last year and year before but mistaked them for browns. This time of year could be very easy to mistaken them. 

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Nice fish and thanks for the report!

Thats a brown though. Square tail (not forked) and mouth extending past rear of eye give it away.

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38 minutes ago, Hachimo said:

Thanks.  No Atlantic then. Lol. I was lookin at the x markins, faint color quick and sent him swimmin. Didnt keep him out of water long. 


Tail is a dead giveaway.  Good job at not keeping it out of the water doing a thorough examination on it, lol!   Sometimes they look extremely different sometimes it's really hard to tell.  

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