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Sterling Creek Ice Fishing Tournament

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On Feb. 7th we held a small ice fishing derby in the Sterling Creek Campground, which turned out to be a success. First off, we would like to thank those who fished for their support and we would also like to thank Tom Allen for his donation of Caty Jigs. There was a total of 29 entrants with many fish brought to the weigh in. At the weigh in it sounded as though all the teams had the same problem that we did in that you had to catch a ton of perch to get a couple keepers. Thanks again Tom for the donation of the jigs. Here are some pics...

These are the two prize winning fish, the winning northern weighed 9 pounds 8 oz. and was caught by Kenny Scott and the winning perch was caught by Chris Rushen and weighed 1 pound 4 oz. Both anglers took home $290.00, not bad for a days fishing.


Here is a picture of the winner of the Caty Jigs, Brian Sutter.

gx190TcJ.jpg Now that the ice fishing is done, COME ON SPRING!!!

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