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Epic. The best description for fishing on Saturday AM off Olcott. Fished solo 8:00 to 11:00 west of the harbor in 60' to 80' fow. 3 for 5 on kings. Over a dozen lakers. Riggers at 45' to 55'. Wire divers 80' to 100' on 2.5.The stud lure of the day DW white two face. Shout out to Capt. Bob Songin. His reports last year made me a believer in this spoon. At least a dozen other boats out. And now for the disturbing news. I saw a lot of 20' boats at the ramp with 3-4 guys in them arriving in different vehicles. I'm not the social distancing police. It's just a simple observation. I get it. The fishing is great right now. Everyone stay safe. Stay healthy.



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