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For me, it depends on how deep i want to be.  If i want to be shallower, i will clip the board of right after the leadcore.  Deeper, ill add 50 feet.  Deeper yet, I'll add weight between the core and leader then let out 50 of backing then clip the board.....

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Depends on depth and how many rods I am running. If I am running two leadcore per side, I try not to violate the “v” pattern principle of trolling with the outside lines wider, higher in water column, and further back. With the v pattern in mind, I have the amount of leadcore in feet labeled on the reel so I know how much backing I need to let out on the short core to extend past the long core running inside. It helps to have linecounters but you can count lineguide passes. If I am over 40’ with an eight color, I am probably going to clip release to backing just past the knot. If I am over 55’ with the same leadcore, I would not hesitate to slowly release 50’ of backing before clipping on release. 

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