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Started about 1pm. Had 1's to start. Ran east about 2 miles to set up in 20' of water. Surface temp 41.9. Set out 2 riggers 2 dips and 2 long lines. Trolled back west working out to 35 fow. Picked a couple lakers, until we got back in front of the fort then turned north to work the bar Picked a couple more lakers and got our first king on until we lost it in the cable. At that time we were in 2-3's making things a little difficult in the lund. Had my lady with me. Her first time fishing, reeling fish and driving the boat while I rigged in the lake. After losing the king I had her head east into 2-3's with some help. Basically we made a big circle back to where we first set up and picked a few more lakers. Went back west and turned north thru the water we hooked the king earlier. Notta. Turned south and came back through. Hooked into 4 kings, landed 3 in about 20 minutes Rans dips 20' down, riggers 20' down, both took fish. Ran a couple different color pattern Spoons, seasick waddler took the most. Water coming out of the river was 43.9. Which is where the king action took place. Only marked a couple fish in the 4 hrs. we were out. Her 1st and biggest king so far. 14#.  She boated 11 for 13.



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Dispite the conditions. She did awesome for a rookie and had a great.

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