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Baitrunner reels with rods for down rigging

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If you have ever fought a 30lb salmon on a spinning rod and a 30lb salmon on a level wind you are well aware of how much more fun it is with the spinning rod. Of course this is just my opinion and the opinion of the friends that fished with me

I’ve been using this setup for more than 25yrs.

Recently I sold the 4th boat I’ve owned to fish Lake Ontario

and now I’m selling everything else. I’m 63 and have cancer. It’s just to much work to deal with all of the maintenance and issues that come with a boat at this point in my life.

I have 8 or 10 of these rods and reels for sale. Some are on custom made rods and a few are on WHUPPINsticks . The WHUPPINsticks are cheap rods with durable blanks like Ugly sticks but for a 1/3rd of the price.

The Shimano baitrunner reels have dual drags on them. I use the rear drag for setting the lines and the front drag to fight the fish.

I own both levelwinds and baitrunners and the baitrunners outperform any levelwind I have ever owned both in speed and smoothness of drag systems.

I fished with a charter in California that used Shimano bait runner’s before I bought a boat. When I bought my first boat I bought level wind reels originally ( because that’s what everyone else was using on the big pond) and very quickly realized that there is no comparison in performance and pleasure of catching a fish. I caught salmon as big as 38lbs with Shimano bait runner’s and I had no problem doing so. ( yeh that was back in the late 80’s and early 90’s ) when limiting out every day was the norm.

Back then Steelhead fishing in the rivers was equally amazing.

I have 4 different model Shimano baitrunners for sale with or without the rods. 6500 Tritons,

4500 Tritons, 3500 Tritons and 350’s.

Also listed is a 10ft dipsy rod and reel with line counters.

I have a lot of gear including other tackle and rigging stuff for sale also.


I have several of the 6500 series, several of the 4500 series and a few of the 350 series on different rods.

Please private message me for details and prices.





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