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Oneida opener


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Started at 3 am. Fished till 11.Managed 1 off shallow stick bait. Water is only 45 degrees. No wind and pea soup fog cancelled plans of jigging the shoals. Once sun cameup I managed a limit of large lazy females off xld goby bay rats in 30 ft. Of water. Fish are acting like post spawn. Any reports would be appreciated to put together a pattern.



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Nice work!  On Oneida there literally is more viable techniques to pick from than anywhere I've ever been and when I used to fish it as my home lake I was always hearing guys argue over the best way to catch.  Most of the time I didn't agree with either person, but we all were catching.  I'd say focus on what you do best and you will do just fine.  On Otisco they are post spawn and the males are all still milking even though the spawn was over 2-3 weeks ago.  Females aren't really feeding much at all.  

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Took the kids out Saturday evening from 4-6pm that’s about all they could tolerate. Basically wanted to make sure boat was fine and just enjoy the nice day with the kidos. So knew going in that it wasn’t going to be a 100% effort kind of thing. Did manage to catch dinner and jig up 2 18” waldos and 2 12” perch on a silver XPS blade 14fow. 


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