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First time visit to Fairhaven state park but certainly not the last.  Launch is nice and the rest of the park looks great.  Had to budget an hour after fishing to explore the park with my four legged first mate!

Another first today was fishing with the heavy mudline.  It extended out to 20 fow in many places.  Went to work before 7 in 10 fow and worked out to the edge of the color many different ways but it was after 8 before the first fish on.  Had a steady run of Browns (all good solid fish) for over an hour then a lake trout joined the party.  All hitting spoons off riggers or short cores, UV Naked Jordo did the most damage.  Last fish of the day was the first to hit a stickbait.  Headed in before 11.  Water temps running 47-48 and best speed was 2.4.  I was thinking the thick water color may have hurt lure visibility early on as couldn't buy a hit yet the sonar showed fish were there.  Once the sun was up higher they started and never stopped until I did.  Just trying to get in the brains of fish.....probably not wise of me to try.






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Are you fishing out of Fairhaven too?  Go figure what works for one boat does nothing for another in the same area...UV Naked Jordo is a Michigan Stinger spoon that I had new in the package in my spoon box.  I only know the name as it was on the outer package...not sure if still available.   Broke it out recently as bright yellow/red spoons have worked for me lately.  Can't imagine what makes it look edible to a fish as it spins in the water.

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