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Launched out of myers at 5:30 solo. Ran to the south end. Lots of debris and crap in the water. Fished the west side since there was less debris on that side. Water temp as 42-44 according to my garmin.  Marked alot of fish in the 50 foot range. Big marks down 30 over 50. Couldn't get them to hit on anything. Ended up with one probably 6 pound laker for the morning, released to fight another day. Healthy fish. I fished in tight with planers, out deep with riggers, fast at 3 mph, slow at 1.5 mph, and everywhere inbetween.  Marked alot of fish but only one taker. Beautiful morning though. Cant beat getting out on a morning like this.


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I started at treman this am set up right outta the gate and did the east side all the way up to the sal mine.. some story as you. Nice marks down no takers. The water is awful. Our house it up in Aurora so we came up to see inlaws and water is nice north of t falls

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Fished Cayuga this afternoon for the first time since early March.  One of my sons is officially finished with his first year of college after completing finals/projects online at home so he celebrated by joining me this afternoon.  Couldn't believe the water level as covered the end of the dock at Deans.  It was a beautiful day but when we left the dock Snarky North winds dictated a stick tight to shore program and I was nervous about finding Spencer some afternoon action.  Dropped the downriggers and put out the boards with some sticks in the skinny water and within 10 minutes this laker made it to the boat.  Next the bigger rainbow gave Spencer a great aerial show after smacking a Bay Rat and the second bow went for the rigger spoon.  Heading in, we turned around toward deeper water and I dropped the riggers down while pulling in the big boards and the plump laker finished the short trip in style.  That fish exploded under the fillet knife and a bunch of alewives came spilling out.  Definitely a good forage base in Cayuga right now.  



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