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Boat Painting


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The people who do it shot it base coat clear coat. 2 stage. This is more durable then single stage. That's a big boat so you need large area to paint. Prep work is everything. Has to be sanded good clean no wax. A good auto body shop might be able to help. Then it has to be wet sanded and buffed out. This is a expensive job.

Good luck

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19 hours ago, jth21usa said:

That seems hard, do you know anyone local?


I'm from north shore, so no, I can't comment on anyone local to you.

I do have a buddy that did his boat several years ago ... I saw that boat a lot with my own eyes for

three years after he put it on ... and it looked brand new ... and he never had to clean it ... maybe a quick

washdown here and there, but no waxing or polishing needed ... it really looked like a low maintenance solution

to me.

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Great Lakes Yacht Works in Sodus point used to do Urethane painting of boats as do others  - rub rail to waterline for a boat that size you are looking at somewhere in the neighborhood of $175 per foot. 

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