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PB Bass!

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Well, this weekend was pretty amazing.

Between a million bass boats being out, and a ton of pressure, bites on Sat were hard to come by. I sat tight to where I knew there were fish and kept grinding.


Nothing happening on jerkbait or chatterbait, not happening on the ned rig. Alright kitech, batter up. 10 casts into a slow roll along the bottom and just a tiny “thunk”, and up to the surface comes the biggest bass I have ever hooked! Alright don’t panic, alright she is in the trolling motor PANIC. Ok she unwrapped and in the net and HOLY DEAR LORD THATS A HUGE BASS. 


6lbs 8 ounces on the scale and measured at a 22 inch length. My personal best by at least .75 of a pound. Man, I’m going to be smiling about this fish for a long time. Now it’s time to get after a 7!




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