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TowBoat US Sodus Bay

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I emailed Capt. Tim Maxam, owner of the TowBoat,on April 25th about when he would have the boat ready for service. I found out the hard way a few years ago in April when I broke down that it wasn’t available 24/7 since he told me he doesn’t have it ready till mid May weather permitting. He told me “ looks like we won’t be going in unless something changes. Looking to sell the business. As of now it looks like Rochester will handle calls, have yet to work out the details.”

I sure hope this isn’t so, would hate to lose such a valuable service.

It would take hours for someone to come from Rochester all the way to Sodus.

Can anybody verify this.

Please prove me wrong.

Some of you must know Tim personally. Thanks in advance.



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In the Pultneyville, Sodus and Bear Creek area you have the Pultneyville fire and rescue boat to call on for a tow and I dont believe they charge and they will tow you to the nearest safe harbor.  The easiest way to get ahold of them is to call 911 and request through dispatch.  They do quite a few calls every year. Not sure when they go in the water but they are in right now.

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