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Hudson River 5/5,6,7


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Fished Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday, caught 28 Stripers both trolling and drifting with blood worms. The regulations changed this year, you can only keep 1 fish between 18 and 28 inches. Last year it was 18 to 28 inches and anything over 40 inches. Last year my brother and I fished 2 days and had no problem keeping our limit of 18 to 28 inch fish each day. We also caught 2 big fish, one 38 1/2 inch and one 37 inch, both had to go back in the water. This year, over the 3 days, 4 of the fish we caught (3 guys this year) were WELL over 40 inches. We caught 1 that was just over 30 lbs, 2 that were between 35 and 40 lbs, and I caught the biggest freshwater fish of my life that weighed 50 lbs, an absolute slob. All 4 fish were successfully released and swam away strong. 





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On ‎5‎/‎15‎/‎2020 at 12:52 PM, idn713 said:

I would love to do this, but holy cow I wouldn't even know where to start. I have it in my head that this could be a really fun yearly pilgrimage for my friends and I.

Not actually all that difficult to troll for them around Kingston. Pretty essential to have downspeed so you can match speed going down and upstream and deal with different tidal flows. Big Rapalas in Hot Steel and similar color patterns down roughly halfway in the water column. Go out on outgoing tide When you see a pile of boats and they are going back n forth- you found the fish. Slack tide not much is happening

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