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I-Pilot Spot-lock

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I'm in the process of buying a Minn Kota Bow Mount Terrova w I-pilot and spot-lock for my Lund Fury. To old to keep using my 28 lp navy anchor. Many here know how quick the finger lakes can drop-off. Typically a bit of shallow weeds or a point then very steep drop-off. That's where I intend to fish so location is critical when trying to hold the drop-off. Move a little to much and your in either thick shallow weeds or (40 to 70+)' of water.  Bottom line guys any use Minn Kota spot-lock? If so how close does it hold your boat to the "spot"?,  even with a moderate wind say up to (12 -15)/mph. Assuming I'm not working against the wind.

Thks in advance and tight lines.

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I can't say anything bad about my Terrova. Spot lock works great along with the jog feature. I always tell people If I sell the boat I keep the Terrova. Best anchor you will ever buy.

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