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cayuga south end 5/13

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 Got out for a late afternoon into evening session.. Morning bite might have been much better... Inlet is an absolute mess... Had to dodge submerged logs, and horrific looking  wood junk thats actually imbedded in the bottom,  and is  just at  or below the surface right at prop level... Thats not to mention the half submerged floating logs..  South end   was a mess with the north wind, and water was  very muddy...

  got nothing first few hours flat lining stick baits... Started casting and nailed a very nice  brown... A real basketball. only 21 inches long  yet it was 6 pounds!..
 Hit a metal blade bait that I normally use for jigging deep water  lakers...

 Had another casting the same lure, but it got off.... Late in the day after 7 PM started trolling again  back toward the inlet in the mud, and had a good fish hit on a Jointed silver/black Rapala.. Came unpinned after a short battle,,, So not really  great fishing, but did manage one good fish... Water still cold as hell..  best I could manage was 44 near shore in say 13 feet and under, and 42  closer to mid lake where the water is 20- 25 feet deep on the south end,, This was after having the whole afternoon to"warm up"... I have never seen the water this cold in mid May... Others may have... Got out  at pre dawn this morning trying for a walleye or two in the susquehanna,, but no soap... Water is ice cold  there as well.. Did get 2 SMB but they were obviously really slow and lethargic.. Barely could feel the hit,, very slow sluggish battle, and no leaping that river smallies are famous for....Other guys do  very well in muddy ice water, but personally I don't, and I prefer flat line trolling when the water is closer to 50 and a little clearer,, Still, can't   complain, didn't get skunked... bob


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Better clarity as you went north.. Also less muddy on the eastern shoreline than it was mid lake at the same depth... Is the state going to leave those hazards in the inlet I wonder.. A few looked like they can clean a lower unit off with one hit... bob

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