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Didnt hit the water till about 11, was my shakedown trip really.  Went out the chute to 80 FOW and got some lines wet.  Nothing on the screen so pointed it in a bit till I was in about 50 FOW.  Finally a big blip on the screen near bottom, so I dropped the rigger down and one of the wire divers.  When I got to 45', had a couple more blips and the deep wire rod fired with a "Dirty White Boy" SS.  Fish took about 100' before I got him turned, and soon my first solo King came aboard - damn, I gotta give credit to you guys that do solo trips all the time, that was not easy getting her in the net.  Kept at it for about 3 hours, including a quick try inside for Browns, but nothing doing in there.  Hopefully more fishable days coming, felt like I waited 3 weeks for a low wind day.


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