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oswego harbor walleye

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Though we did not target them at all this summer, we have in the past. Some nights we were successful and others not so much. We run straight 18 rapalas, with black/silver, blue/silver, chartreuse/silver, and perch being the best colors. The only thing that we have found to make a difference was speed. We have tried fishing for them from both boats but found that the numbers were better when fishing from our smaller boat. Its an older tiller model and it seems to work best just to pull it in gear and not give it any throttle. We also do all our walleye fishing at night.

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I have fished the harbor areas many times for eyes. We would usually get on the water by 10-1030 at night. Our best programs were running rapalas #13's, approximately 100-150ft back on flat lines. Here's the kicker, 6-10fow on the flats. We stopped going the last couple of years due to the increase in boat traffic (drift boats without lights can be real frustrating as they have the right of way and some can be pretty rude). I suggest going on a weekday night. The fishing can be awsome with a mix of eye's and browns. We have taken fish up to 13lbs with many, many over 10lbs. Once you find them, don't make long unproductive trolls. stay on them by pulling lines and make short turns to get back to the productive areas. We have also had great success trolling along side the breakwalls towards the lake. Good luck.

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