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I gotta hand it to the Honeoye walleye crew, they are as tight lipped as they come! I was out today for bass and goodness just trying to run to the north end was like dodging a land mine fleet. Planer boards, rod trees, looked like A Lake Ontario tourney out there. For as little as it’s talked about (I’m sure for good reason) sure seems like a sought after fishery.


Anyway back to the important stuff, laid the smack down on the bass and the jerkbait bite was on fire!



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There’s a decent Walleye population there. My folks had a cottage there from 1970 to 2017. I practically grew up on that lake. When I bought my own boat in ‘91 I was able to keep it in the hoist and spent weekends and after work hours there through my 20’s. I spent a lot of time on that lake fishing Walleye. I can honestly say it’s one of the least satisfying Walleye fisheries in the region for me. It was a matter of convenience at that time. It’s a great fishery for largemouth and pannies and it’s my preferred water for ice fishing but I never ice fish it specifically targeting Walleye....they’re just a bonus if I happen into them. I’m sure there’s guys who crush it on a regular there, and if I didn’t have a more productive spot on my doorstep I’d probably be a little more intentional about investing more time catching up on things there. Especially right now while the water’s cooler and the weeds aren’t bad and the annual algae bloom isn’t setting up. But targeting Walleye on Honeoye these days?....meh. I feel like I’ve got several better options in the region. And I can’t see myself trolling for eyes with boards and riggers anywhere....let alone Honeoye. But to each his own. I have an acquaintance who told me he and his group got over 30 shore casting at night opening weekend there so maybe I’m just missing it.

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Live 10 minutes away never have seen that many boats on Honeoye for walleye. Not the numbers there was 10 years ago but is close to home Weeds are already getting dense Bosco not missing much

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