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Arrowheads by day, Eyes by night!

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After getting some much needed rain, got an early Saturday start to get on some fields to pick. For me spring eyes and picking points go hand and hand. Some good finds while I decided where to travel for eyes. Left early evening with my oldest son and decided to tackle some Ontario gold, wind was light and I thought it was gonna be a tough night....started with a few short hits that came unglued quick......played with a few options and found a program. Had a great bite, finished up around 10, great night spending with my oldest, back to the fingers for me.








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Thank you, havent weighed.....typical ontario cookie cutter 7-9s I would assume the single one my son is holding solo might be pushing 10. Those fish, like the ones out of the fingers are so girthy, the hits were vicious,  love seeing that glow tip rod buckle and drag ripping at night. A lot of fun.

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