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Cayuga 5/23

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Left Meyers at 7am this morning. Man that fog was thick! Took a while to get to where i wanted to be just being careful and taking it slow. Started fishing in the 50 fow to 75fow. Ended up taking fish after fish again. 2 color, 3 color, 7 color and a 8 color. Running spoons. Never had a fish on the rigger until we were pulling in lines at noon. Sons biggest fish was a 8lb 13oz laker. Papa did a decent brown. Lots of fish, only dropped 3. Let them do most of the catching its fun for me to watch that. Only fish we were missing was the rainbow!20200523_074320.jpeg20200523_080239.jpeg20200523_081644.jpegIMG_20200523_102439260_HDR.jpegIMG_20200523_101626017_HDR.jpegIMG_20200523_084724784_HDR.jpegimage000000.jpeg


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Nice job. I left myers this morning also but at around 6. That fog was crazy. Had to navigate by the gps. You couldn't tell if you were paralleling shore or headed for it. I managed a hefty landlocked, but it was only 17 inches so it lived to fight another day and grow. The coloration was gorgous. I had a few more misses on my wire slide diver but nothing was there. No rigger hits. I was in tighter than you guys. I struggled to find the fish this morning. Still, what a beautiful morning out there. 


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