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Got out with my brother fairly early this morning,  fished 6 to 11.


We motored a little west toward the river, and set up in some nicely colored water.  We ended up working the 85-95 fow range mostly, in the green and brownish water.  Surface temps were 52 to 54.  When we ventured in the clearer/darker water, the temps dropped, and we had no luck.


We finished 3 for 3, with two nice kings and a chunky laker.  The kings came off magnum spoons, down 70 and 35 feet.  One off a green and white spoon with black dots ( frog-type), and the other off a pink and black with silver spots.


The first king jumped 5 or 6 times, and put up quite a fight.


The laker hit a dipsy out 100 with a wonderbread spin doctor and fly.  


We had two other hits on dipsies with FF, but short hits and no hookup.


Successful speeds from 2.4 to 2.65.


A beautiful day on the water.


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I've been thinking about going out there rather than all the way over to Sandy Creek (I'm on the east side)  --is the launch the one by sea breeze?

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Yes, that's the one. Nice launch, fee $6, two docks/three ramps.  Not too busy today, but it can be, depending on your timing.

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