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Owasco Owasco 5/24

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Had a fun morning with my dad fishing Owasco. Wind was a little strong so we didn't travel far. Lucky enough for us we didn't have to. Ended the morning at 10:30 with 5 browns, 8 Lakers, a nice rainbow and a mudpuppy that we caught when a diver with flasher fly kissed bottom in 90ft. REEL RAGE spoons outfished everything else by far. I highly recommend getting some of these if you don't already have some! Also lost a nice bow at the back of the boat that if we weren't just "fun fishing" and were in a tournament we definitely could've got in the hoop. Pleasure boat traffic was a mess at the launch when we got back in but we weren't in a rush after making a short morning out of it. 




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25 minutes ago, Lakertaker187 said:

Nice brown and nice triple trees! Take a pic of the boat, I would like to see your setup! No two boats are the same

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Will do! She's a great small water rig and I've taken her to Ontario aswell on calmer days. Got caught in 5s and 6s out there one day though. That wasn't pretty. However I'm ready to upgrade from the 14ft tiller boat to something a little more comfortable

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1 hour ago, Long time fisherman said:

Suttontroller95, congratulations on a awesome morning on Owasco lake!! I'm  an old timer who wants to get back on the water and catch a fish now and then.... can you tell me where to buy the reel rage spoons and in what color and size works best for you.. thanks!!

No problem. I know Roy's marina on Seneca as well as fishy business on Keuka both carry them. Best way though is if you have a Facebook contact him there through his reel rage page. Scott Baldwin is an awesome guy to deal with. I use his standard size spoons as for colors you can't go wrong with any of them however a few must haves are Two face, Showcar (color in pic), rod father, and electric muffin. He has many colors and some great quality paint! Out fishes my Michigan stingers when run side x side which is saying something!!

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1 hour ago, waywack40 said:

I feel kind of ignorant about this ---but what are Reel Rage spoons.

It's just another local spoon painter. He does great work and is very reasonable on price. Not to mention the owner is a great guy which makes it very easy to support his business.

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