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Re-did the motor in my boat and swung for the fences. Well the engine builder and I hit it out of the park and the boat runs great with a little more pick me up. Right now the motor is running up way higher than it should. I'm looking to get the max rpm around 4700.


Current setup is a 14.5x17" 4 blade stainless. It will rev out to 5100 if I let it and 42mph. The calculated prop slip is 23% so I figure going up in pitch will lower slip but thinking bigger diameter will help too.


What do you guys think will get me where I would like or close to it.


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2" of pitch is about 300rpms, so try a 15x19", might get you pretty close to what you're looking for.
Yeah i was thinking 19" or 21". Unfortunately I only get 1 shot at this. Those stainless props ain't cheap.
If I remember, you bought a Proline 231 with a 5.7 that needed to be rebuilt? 42 MPH would be a little faster than factory spec for that boat. Maybe you just need to dial back the carb a little. Maybe you've already done that. Just a thought.

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I replaced the stock carb because it was all sorts of messed up from the previous owner. The boat is the 241 so 25' 5".

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