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KamKanoe Planer Board Plans!!! Build your own and save$$$

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Make your own Planer Boards!!! Copyrighted design, Proven performance these boards are currently being used in more than 10 countries as well as all over the U.S.!! Hundreds of KamKanoe Planers are already being used by fishermen like YOU!!! Please visit my WebSite for more information on KamKanoe Planers.... http://fishoutsideyourwake.com/ Thank You for visiting!! We also need Guide Listings and fishing reports from you and your area.



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I've NEVER had a problem with my FREE planer boards I made. They work beautiful & I didn't have to spend a cent. Just took off a 1x6 from the trailer skirt and made them. Got the plans from this site too. :P Now all's I gotta do is figger out how I can make some new teef.

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2 words Otter Boats! :P

Or three words, TL Power PLaner






These boards are 2 feet long and 16 inches wide, they are weighed by 3kg lead (one 6kg downrigger ball split in two).

The lead is to prevent the boards to lift when fishing in crappy weather.

The boards are "Copies" of otter boards, who again is copy of an very very old Swedish planer board named "Mariestad pulkan".

The TL Power Planer is filled with floating foam, and has a hard moulded outer shell.

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Not knocking your product,I'm sure they work fine,but why is everyone trying to re-invent the wheel?

I made my own planer boards more than fifteen years ago,from free plans in the old Great Lakes Fisherman magazine.

They still work perfectly,and perform very good, in all the conditions that I care to fish in.

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