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Fishing Tower on a 196 Fishmaster?

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You may want to consider  the effects of wind on it and how that might affect your trolling. I have a friend that installed a t top on his Whaler and really regretted it on windy days:smile:

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Apologize for the length of this post*


Ironically enough I just got my 19’ offshore hardtop shell built Memorial Day weekend for the exact reasons as you, with the idea that rod holders for copper setups on boards was going to cost about as much. Added bonus for me was side and front weather protection via clear plastic. My concern with a T top was not trolling. It was towing. My design requirements were simple- top had to be removable, the frame had to be removable (albeit only a couple times a year) and it needed to accommodate three vertical functional rod holders per side, plus 12 per front and/or back. 


When you combine my engineering background with my hillbilly “I don’t care what it looks like, only that it’s functional” attitude, this is what you get. Contemplated piping. And I think it could have worked. Thought it would be cheaper than super strut but it added up quick. Plus the strut can be welded. My original idea was this frame, and 1/2” marine ply that I could slide in the channels of the strut on both sides and the front for the top. But then my gf suggested to use my current soft Bimini top. It can be rolled up and provides the same protection. 


Let me know now if this cobjob inspires questions lol it has certainly inspired interesting looks. My boat was the only of its kind on lake O. But now it’s truly in a league of its own. Lol I don’t have the rod holders on yet. Likely this weekend.










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Great Lakes Planers makes some really nice, stout and customizable arches.  He can/will make or customize to anything you want.  This is a local business(Three Mile Bay, NY) and knows what we need here on Lake Ontario.  


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