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Rigger releases ?


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Out here in Cali, (I guess cause our fish are sissy's), I don't run anything off the ball. That is, unless I need to run a ball troll, or I need to bump the bottom. It's just easier to use the weight retrievers if I use a Scotty stacking clip above the ball for the main rod. Plus......this allows me to keep the ball 'IN THE WATER' even while I'm changing baits. Safer in rough water. If I want to stack, I add a plastic line stopper at the desired depth, and use a Shuttle Hawk. I seldom troll at depths greater than 120 feet OTW. The Shuttle Hawk has some problems getting deeper than about 100 feet.

I have an idea for the Chamberlain release that would allow me the same setup for my weight retrievers.



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What I have done to save a few bucks on the Scotty releases is to buy the stacker setup which includes 2 releases. I disassemble the stacker setup and reterminate with old rigger cable making 2 individual releases. The stacker setup is $11.99 and the single $9.99 at Gander Mt.

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the scotty grips i use are #1171, they connect to the downrigger wire so it doesn't effect the way your weights tracts and they are the power grips which you need, i find the mini grips aren't strong enough for flasher flies.

As for the chamberlain i changed to those this summer, b/c a friend gave them to try. Very easy to adjust doesn't take long to tune them in. Both are very good releases. I will keep the chamberlain's for downriggers and changed my scottys to planner board releases.

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