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Or buy spoons with heavy bend. Discontinued Hookster spoons can be found in consignment tackle stores or eBay. R&R tackle Kodiak Wobblers and Northport Nailer wild thing spoons are two spoon products available to purchase on line. R&R tackle -email Dave at mytackle box.com and tell him you are interested in Kodiak wobbler blanks. He can paint up whatever you want or go on Northportnailer.com for northportnailers. The extra bend gives tremendous side to side action at slow speeds. A good tool to have in arsenal. 

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I usually check the spoon boat side. I usually adjust speed first then . Once my spread is out and the speed seems to be working if a spoon doesn’t look the way you want, I will usually adjust the bend in the nose or front(away from hooks). Very small bend will increase action and flatten for less. Evil eyes and flutter devils are great for this. I try to avoid spinning (too fast) or swaying (slow). I prefer to see it moving like a stick bait side to side serpentine. Like the illusion of a pencil bending when moved up and down centered in your fingers. Thinner spoons work best for tuning. Large snap swivels will dull the action as will large heavy hooks. Those days when one lure is doing all the work is usually a lure that has incredible action. That’s just my opinion hope it helps

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