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1985 Grumman leak


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We have a 1985 16 foot Grumman and certain it is taking on water from somewhere. It pumps water out the bilge even though it hasn't rained or no other way of getting water inside. It is an aluminum hull with rivets. It seems to take it on slowly. We got 2 pictures of an area under the boat and I cannot tell if these 2 "holes" could be a culprit or if I need to keep looking. Has anybody else had any similar issues or offer any other places to look?



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I just want to say that in the second photo, the area of the keel that is dented in could be an issue. It looks like that is where the boat sits on a roller. If that is the case, it is most likely dented in because the boat is bouncing up and down on the trailer on the road. It could cause the hull to crack under or near the keel from the pounding and also damage the roller. I have had that problem. You may need to strap down the bow of the boat to keep that from happening.

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Thanks for the suggestions. We put water in the boat and found 1 rivet up front with a very slow leak and a couple areas on the transom and the motor mount bolts. Believe the mount bolts are due to the transom on its final year cause it is getting soft and didn't have a transom saver on for 2 years. The motor bouncing going down the road didn't do it any favors. We will keep looking

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