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Set up in 50 fow and trolled due north. Ended up with a 20 and a 13 pounder; and 3 small salmon. Mag and ss uv 2-face; chilly Willy spoons took the shots; one on a dipsy with flasher/ fly. 200 fow on average was best.IMG_1153.JPGIMG_1152.JPGIMG_1151.JPG



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we lauched out of ibay late 9:30 or so and started seeing bait on the screen in 30fow and by 60 there were marks around the bait so we set up and only got 3 hours in before the wind kicked up and chased us into the bay


ended 2 for 7 with a pair of steelbows.  steady action given how slow its been but a lot of short hits.  the one and 2 colors took the most but the deep rigger also fired.  fish are very scatterd but there are active pods.  we took all our hits in 65 to 70 fow


hopefully it sets up a bit more in the next couple weeks.

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