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Looking for Lakers Eastern Lake O

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have a 20 ft Princecraft and am learning how to fish lakers out of Bath.  love to jig for them but have downriver and leadcore too.  so much water it is hard to know where to look so any help for some June lakers is appreciated. can go out to main and false ducks easy with my boat


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I would look for ledges/drop offs that go from 30 40 ish and continue to fall off deeper.

Have not fished around Amherst and the Gap for Lakers. Lots of people do though.

I've had some fun out at Main Duck mid June with lakers and bows. Was hoping to find an early salmon

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thanks for the advice!   i have been targeting that kind of structure in the gap and finding lots of small lakers but no big ones.  i will give the main duck area a try if the wind isn’t too bad tomorrow 

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