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Short version-You might lose gear trolling near one of these. They're for a DEC study. Everyone else probably knows this but I didn't find any posts.



First time out on Saturday and noticed a buoy out in front of the Bluff and thought "Someone is using hotspot buoys here?"


Thought I steered clear of it but lost a spoon while passing by, too far away to read the small print message that I later found out included the word "away."


The Association put out this helpful warning about orange buoys in February, but the DEC must have decided on using yellow as well- https://www.keukalakeassociation.org/Orange_Buoys_on_Keuka_Lake.pdf

"Anglers, please be aware that if you are fishing within 150 feet of these buoys, it is possible that fishing gear may get entangled in equipment used to anchor the buoys to the bottom."




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