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Minn Kota ulterra


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I have the 36v 112# ulterra. It is going on it’s 4th full season. I have the same size terrova, and my fishing partner has the same size in an ultrex. All three have broken at least once each season. Motor seal allowing water intrusion. All three are essentially the same motor and head unit, with 3 different deployment methods. So make sure you know a certified service technician near you. We are on Lake Erie 100’s of hours each season fishing for walleye and use these motors 100% of that time. They are essential for boat control and 99% bulletproof. The only drawback of the ulterra that is different than the other two is when it breaks, it has to be taken partially apart to re stow it.

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I have the riptide ulterra 112 and initially had some issues due to what I’m guessing was low voltage. When it messes up it can be a pain. Luckily I had the quick release bracket and just pulled it off still deployed. Since then the motor has been flawless. But I still cringe every time I stow or deploy it because it just sounds like it will stop at any point. With that being said I don’t think I will ever not have an Ulterra again. 

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