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Penn Linecounter Reels - Likes/Dislikes/Models

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Rival?  Squall?  How are the drags?  


I'm thinking outside the Okuma, Daiwa, Shimano box for a pair for reels to put on diver rods and run wire divers this summer.


Don't see much here on Penn reels.  Who is running them?  Likes, dislikes?  I once fished with the older lever drag models on downrigger rods, that feature is available on their upper model called Fathom, line.  Rival is the 'econo' ($80) reel, Squall is about $120.


As a weekend warrior, these reels might see a couple dozen trips per season.  However, if I load them up with wire, they better work well when I hook up with the 'big' one!  

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I have been fishing the warfare models they have 3 seasons on them now (average 60 trips a year), I have 16 of them I just last trip out had an issue with 1 of them, something with the clicker, I haven't taken it apart yet to see what happened, reel still works just clicker won't engage. I don't have any complaints, the drags seem smooth and they have held up for me. I have had all the other brands you mentor and by this point in time with any of the others I would definitely
Have had more than 1 issue.

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I have bought/used all the major brands and models. I wanted some reels with more torque so I  bought some penns 2 winters ago.  2 squalls for coppers and 2 fathoms 2's for mag divers. After a year+ of hard use they have been excellent. Smooth drags, loud clickers and plenty of power for fighting big fish 

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7 hours ago, bigwalleye said:

With supply chain shortages I got one Penn Warfare 30LWLC from FishUSA. It’s larger than I realized for my 1000’ wire setup. But. I do need a reel for 300’ copper.

Anyone know how much backing to run for a Warfare 30 with 300’ copper?

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That reel isn't big enough for 300' of 45 pound copper. It will hold 300 yards of 50 pound power pro and 200 ft of 45 pound copper

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