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Cayuga help

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Good Morning All! Thinking of hitting Cayuga tonight with my Dad and my oldest son in my Dad’s boat. We typically fish Owasco but wanted to try some new scenery. My question, if we launch out of the state park on the north west side, do we have to travel a ways south to find good trout water? His boat is a shallow 17’ CC so I want to make sure we aren’t wasting our time launching there if it’s a far run to fishing waters.

Thank you!



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Just got back from cayuga, started with lakers 80-100 over 250fow. Then a steady pick of bows, and landlocks 30- 35 down over 45-50 fow. Good luck lakes on fire today!

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Well we gave it hell last night and launched out of Deans. Guy pulling as we launched was giving plenty of tips and said the east shore was smoother and action packed. We zipped across and dropped riggers and dipseys and continued to wash lure after lure with no action. Marked plenty so we changed speeds, direction and color patterns until we finally landed a 20” LL. After nothing else we headed back west and trolled in front of the launch in 40-60 fow. An almost immediate rigger fire with no one home followed by a 5 lb laker for my son. One more fish that got unbuttoned quickly but that was it. Interesting that the east side had a lot more fish marked on the screen but the west side was LOADED with bait.
Awesome lake for sure and when my new boat arrives this week I will start putting some time in trying to figure it out.
Thank you all for the advice. I appreciate it.

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