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Did'nt have high hopes with the forecasted East winds but figured give it a shot with the 2ft or less from NOAA. 

Spotted fish 150ft and dropped lures.  Trolled North to 400ft.  Best depth was 270ft.  Ended up having a great day. 7 salmom, (3, 20 lbs+), 7 nice fat steelhead, 1 laker.  Spoon bite, only 1 on flasher fly. Downriggers , Dipseys and Copper/Lead all caught fish.  Most fish in the 50-65 ft range.

Lake got nasty at noon, long ride in, 5ft+ waves. 

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Spoons with green & black seemed to work best.  Most of the steelhead were really fat, they looked more like salmon.  Water temp 60ft down was 51. 

We we seeing some good marks all day, of course screens were blank every time we hooked up. Had several doubles in that magic 270ft depth.


We never counted more than 3 boats within our sights. We were the 3rd trailer in the lot at 6:00am. 

Most of the Charter boats were in their slips.

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