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When to replace propeller?


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I was just covering my boat from being out this weekend. I noticed one fin on my prop was missing some of the coating, and was a little bent. Looks like I hit something. I bent it back into shape, but noticed a crack on the edge of the propeller. There are no chips or missing metal. Just the coating is off and a crack about 1/4 inch long. I will usually run 3 to 4 miles, but sometimes up to 7 or 8 one way. Should I replace this prop immediately? I dont want it to cause ot to be off balance or anything. Or can I get a few more trips out of it? I think I'll replace it for piece of mind but would like to wait until july for money sake. The top pic shows the crack. Thanks



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I have seen a lot worse being used. Having said that you don't want to take out the prop shaft seal by it being out of balance. It would take some time for that to happen judging by what I can tell from picture. See what the local shop charges for doing it right and balancing it vs picking up a new aluminum one from them or online. Not a bad idea to have a spare prop , in that case just go new and put the old one as is , in the boat . If you travel far and might be there over a weekend it doesn't do any good sitting in the garage if your 100 miles away and whack a rock in the middle of your trip. So yes you can use it as is and yes replace or repair as soon as possible .

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Thanks. I just ordered one. Found one cheap for $85. I had this one re-done last winter once already. Once the new one comes I will have this one re-done again, and have it as a perfect spare. Should have one short trip this weekend on it, and then the new one installed next week when it comes. I think the crack will eventually be a large chip, and I'd hate to have that happen 8 to 10 miles out and have to run in with it like that. In the end, I figured a new prop is cheaper than lower unit issues. And less down time

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