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Fished today with my sons and we decided to stay away from the boats and target 550+fow (31-33 line) . We ran 40 50 60 riggers (deep riggers cheated), divers 120-180, and 300 copper, and ten color. 99% of our fish came on spoons (watermelon mag best). We landed around 10 kings (14-18lbs), and a lot of steelhead 3-8lbs. Took about hr to find a pod of fish then we would circle it a couple times and move to the next. Around noon we ran back into 120 fow and lakers were stacked (90-120fow). We landed a coupe but the water was loaded cottonwood grasses etc and my patience was done lol. We slid out to 150-200 fow or the last hr , we grabbed another teen king off the 300 copper and called it a day. The lake was calm, beautiful, and perfect for making the long runs.

A lot of BIG kings were taken today by friends and 400+fow seemed to be holding good matures. IMG_4653.thumb.JPG.152f6ed1d1353b39ac29befcc85319d4.JPGAdjustments.thumb.JPG.a171d7b3c8c2cd87866df380dedaee65.JPG



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